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5 Things the Artist Needs to Know Before Recording

Updated: May 21, 2021

5 Things the Artist Needs to Know Before Recording

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

So you are ready to head into the studio to record your material. As someone who has worked with many different artists in all different genres of music these are some tips that should help not only save you some money & time in the studio but also help you release better music.

1- The single most important thing you can do is have a producer. Many artists may not fully understand what a producer does and many may be producing without even knowing it. But a producer if nothing else is the one responsible for the final product. Now with that said, its often best to have a producer who understands your specific genre of music for technical reasons, but some one needs to make sure band mates and musicians are ready for their parts, what arrangements should be used, booking studio times, getting rough mixes to everyone before the sessions begin so everyone is ready to do their parts etc. There are many jobs the producer does and one person will need to be in charge of the project once underway. 2- Pre -production. If you have a producer he should be part of this process and if you don't have one, record as much material as you have or wish to release. The recordings can be of any quality and its really not important. What is important is you have material to listen to and critique and also start to build a map of where the songs are going. 3- Prepare your instruments. The first day of production has finally come and you are ready to record. You will want to make sure your guitar strings have been replaced, drums need to be tuned, guitars set up for intonation and ready to record your masterpiece 4- Keep distractions out. Recording a record is very exciting and outsiders want to be involved but its generally best to keep outsiders outside during the process. Even band members not scheduled to record often times can distract musicians who are recording. Everyone and every band is different and there is no single rule for this but, distractions should be discussed with the producer to determine who is permitted to sessions. 5- Have fun. This seems to go without saying but many artists forget this part and it is an important one. Music is very expressive and your emotions find their way to tape. How you feel will come out in the material being recorded so embrace the process and take your time getting it right.

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