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Gear List

Solid State Logic (SSL) AWS948


Solid State Logic (SSL) AWS948

Digital Forest Studio Pre Amps


1 x SSL Alpha VHD 4 Channel
1 x Electronaut M63
1 x Chandler Limited LTD 1
1 x Chandler Limited TG 2
2 x Chandler Germanium
1 x Crane Song Spider – 8 Channel
24 x SSL Super Analog (Desk)

Aviom Headphone System


AN16i Input Module
AD16Pro Output Module
5 x A16ii Personal Mixers
AKG K 271 MK 2 Closed-Back Studio-Headphones

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amps 

1 x Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
1 x Marshall 100DFX MG Series
1 x VOX Valvetronix XL 100w
1 x Laney Richter Bass Amp
1 x Marshall Valvestate 20
2 x Practice Amps

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX


​Pro Tools Ultimate HDX

Logic Pro

Slate Pro Audio ‘Dragon’


1 x Slate Pro Audio ‘Dragon’ Limiter & Compressor

1 x Cartec Audio Compere 500

2 x Maag Audio 500 Series EQ4

1 x API 525 500 Series Modular Compressor

2 x IGS Audio Photon 500 Series Opto-Compressor

1 x SSL G Series Master Buss Compressor (Desk)

2 x SSL Channel Compressors (Desk)

24 x SSL 4-Band EQ with independent E/G Series curve switching on

selected bands (Desk)

Gibson Les Paul


Gibson Les Paul Traditional guitar
Fender Stratocaster guitar
Fender Telecaster guitar
Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio acoustic-electric Guitar
Gibson J-200 Standard acoustic guitar
Ovation acoustic guitar
Fender acoustic guitar
Cort acoustic guitar
Cort acoustic bass guitar
Stagg acoustic 12 string guitar
CP Bongo drums on stand

PMC two/two 6 Loudspeakers


PMC two/two 6 Loudspeakers
ADAM A7X Speakers
Yamaha NS10 Speakers

Neumann U87


1 x Tul V12 (Valve)
2 x Tul T12
1 x Tul G12
1 x Shure SM7B

2 x Neumann U87's
1 x Neumann TLM 103/P48
1 x AKG C414EB
1 x AKG C3000B
1 x sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 Passive Ribbon
2 x Shure SM58

3 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM81
1 x Shure Beta56A
1 x Shure Beta91
1 x Shure KSM141
1 x Shure PG48
1 x Shure BG6.1
1 x ADK A-515L
1 x AKG PG52
2 x Josephson C42
4 x Sennheiser MD421-MKII
1 x Sennheiser E906
1 x Tul Omni

Pacific Maple Drum Kit

Drum Kit

DW Pacific Drums CX Series Maple
DW Pacific CX 10″ 12″ 14″ & 16″ Toms
DW Pacific CX 22″ Kick
DW Pacific CX 14 x 5 Snare
Assorted Zildjian Cymbals

Our Clients

Will Linley

Will Linley - Last Call


Goodluck - Up Close

Al Bairre

Al Bairre - Experience the Al Bairre show with Al Bairre Experience

The Plastics

The Plastics - The Bright Blue Orchids

The Soap Girls

The Soap Girls - In My Skin
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