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Expert Recording

At Digital Forest Studio we hold ourselves to the highest Recording Studio standards with top-of-the-line equipment, facilities, and production assistance. Get in touch and learn how we can help you achieve your musical goals.

Pro Mixing

With a mix of analog and digital technologies, Digital Forest Studio provides a hybrid approach to Mixing in order to produce the best results. Quality equipment and a comfortable space are included when you decide to work with our Mixing Engineers. If you’re looking for a perfect sound for your project, you’ll love the services provided here.


Digital Forest Studio has been delivering incredible Voice Over solutions for any type of recording. With passion and a unique approach, we are committed to delivering exactly what you need on time, every time. 

Song Writing

It’s been said that music is the language of the soul, a concept Digital Forest Studio has taken to heart throughout their career as a professional in the music industry. Explore their portfolio to see the work that showcases the highlights of their musical experience and tracks their creative development.


Music for television or radio campaigns.


We are experienced at providing Foley and any SFX layers you need for your project.


Automated Dialogue Replacement for any application.

Sound Design

As detail-oriented Sound Designers, we have gained valuable experience through a variety of film and media projects. We continuously strive to improve upon technical skills and broaden creative horizons, helping to transform raw audio into a seamless and professional final production.

Audio Editing

As professional Sound Editors, we know that being passionate about our work has helped us advance and succeed  in this competitive field. We've learned the importance of paying attention to the story that each project is trying to tell, a valuable lesson that has led us to find quality work in diverse projects and gain experience working alongside incredible collaborators.

Podcast Recordings

We offer a comfortable and professional environment for your Podcast recordings.

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