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About Us

Digital Forest Studio is a family owned and operated production, recording, mixing and mastering studio founded in 2003 by brothers Andrew & Jeremy Rawbone-Viljoen. Our mission is to provide our clients with international quality engineering services and to help them achieve their artistic goals on a global scale.

We have worked with a variety of artists, helping them to create unique and engaging sound. Our team is passionate about audio and its power to move people, which is why we strive to provide our clients with the best experience possible.


Meet The Team

Our Clients

Will Linley

Will Linley - Last Call


Goodluck - Up Close

Al Bairre

Al Bairre - Experience the Al Bairre show with Al Bairre Experience

The Plastics

The Plastics - The Bright Blue Orchids

The Soap Girls

The Soap Girls - In My Skin
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