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Unleashing the Workflow of our SSL AWS 948 Console


In the realm of audio production, the tools we use play a pivotal role in shaping the final product. Among the many revered consoles in the industry, the SSL AWS 948 stands tall as a classic mixing desk that seamlessly blends the analog warmth of SSL's legendary SuperAnalogue™ technology with the versatility of a digital audio workstation. In this blog post, we will dive into the workflow on the SSL AWS 948 console and explore how it enhances our creative process, elevating our audio productions to new heights.

1. Analog Warmth Meets Digital Control:

The SSL AWS 948 is a hybrid console that bridges the gap between the analog and digital worlds. With its SuperAnalogue™ mic preamps, EQs, and dynamics, it imparts a rich, warm character to audio signals, imparting a distinct SSL sound. The console also integrates seamlessly with a digital audio workstation (DAW) through its advanced DAW control features. This powerful combination allows us to harness the best of both worlds, delivering a sound that is both vintage and cutting-edge.

2. Ergonomics and Layout:

The SSL AWS 948 is intelligently designed with a layout that enhances our workflow and maximizes efficiency. The console features a logical signal flow, with dedicated sections for input channels, monitoring, and master bus control. The ergonomic design ensures that we can swiftly navigate the console, making quick adjustments without interrupting our creative flow. The large, responsive faders and clearly labeled knobs and buttons contribute to a smooth and intuitive mixing experience.

3. Intuitive Channel Processing:

Each input channel on the SSL AWS 948 boasts an array of processing options. The console provides high-quality EQs, dynamics, filters, and insert points, allowing us to shape and mold individual tracks with precision. The flexible routing capabilities enable easy integration of outboard gear, facilitating parallel processing or adding analog flavor to digital recordings. With a plethora of options at our fingertips, we can effortlessly sculpt the sound to meet the artists vision.

4. DAW Integration and Automation:

The AWS 948 is equipped with comprehensive DAW control capabilities, allowing seamless integration with popular digital audio workstations. The console's motorized faders can be easily linked to the DAW's mixer, enabling precise control and automation. This integration streamlines our workflow, eliminating the need for constant mouse and keyboard interactions. We can focus on the creative process, enjoying the tactile feedback and hands-on control that the console provides.

5. Total Recall and Project Management:

One of the standout features of the SSL AWS 948 is its Total Recall functionality. This feature allows us to save and recall the console's settings, making it effortless to return to a specific mix or project. The ability to save and organize presets ensures consistent results and facilitates efficient project management. Whether we working on multiple tracks or collaborating with other engineers, the Total Recall feature simplifies the process, reducing setup time and increasing productivity.


The SSL AWS 948 console embodies the marriage of analog and digital technologies, providing us with a powerful tool to craft exceptional audio productions. Its ergonomic design, intuitive channel processing, DAW integration, and Total Recall functionality combine to enhance the workflow, enabling us to focus on the creative vision. The console's distinctive sound, born from the legacy of SSL's SuperAnalogue™ technology, ensures that every one of our mixes is infused with warmth and character. With the SSL AWS 948, we can unleash our creativity, pushing the boundaries of sonic excellence.

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